The Forest Adventures

A journey every child will love.

Enter the world of forest animals, of friendship, that blurs the line between the virtual realm and the real world. Let your child experience their first immersive experience, right here, in the The Forest Adventures.

The clever Fox’s den is blocked by heavy stones.

The Fox is smart, but not that strong. Help her move the heavy stones blocking her way home so she can get a good night’s sleep.

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The sleepy Bat and her brightly lit cave.

The sleepy bat and her brightly lit cave. She can't sleep with so much light on. Can you help her?

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The hungry Mole, and her underground home.

The hungry mole can’t see very well. She needs your help to gather food before returning underground.

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The chirpy Woodpecker, and his new nest.

The chirpy Woodpecker needs a new home. Help him peck a new nest in the middle of the tree.

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The lovely Porcupine & her neat little tree trunk.

The lovely Porcupine lives in a tree trunk. Help her clean up before returning home.

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The helpful Elephant and his wonderful family.

The helpful Elephant loves fruits, but where does he live? Where else but with his loving family, of course!

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Our own adventure

CliQers is a group of like-minded, passionate dreamers—many with children of our own. In today’s world of fast connection and instant messaging, we feel something amiss. Something that our children are no longer experiencing.

We remember the days of snail mails, when we would write to pen pals, and waited for weeks—months even—for a response. And, oh the joy we felt at the first tear of the envelope… priceless!

That’s why, with knowledge derived from first-hand experience creating various games and apps, we built The Forest Adventures so our children may taste that joy again. This unique letter, customised with your child’s name, is designed to capture the immersive experience of receiving a real life mail, right at your doorstep.

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